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Ulysse is the Coordinator of the Sickle Cell Program out of TAIBU Community Health Centre where he runs a support group for adults living with the disease. He began the Sickle Cell Program in 2011 as a research project to gather data and to show the many needs of individuals living with SCD. 


Since the age of 16, Ulysse has been on multiple boards and currently sits on multiple committees within the SC community in Canada and the US. He is one of the founding members of UJIMA Sickle Cell Patient Emergency Fund, an initiative to fund raise in order to support individuals living with Sickle Cell in urgent need of financial aide. 


He himself is a Sickle Cell Warrior living with Sickle hemoglobin SBeta Thallasemia which is a rear and more serious form of the disease. He has endured many complications, including strokes, acute chest syndrome, Avascular Necrosiswhich left him with a replaced hip, and lives with chronic pain every day of his life.


Ulysse believes that if people truly could see and understand what people living with SCD endure, that we would see a shift in the way the Sickle Cell community is treated. Ulysse discovered that he could reach a wider audience to educate people about SCD through film, storytelling, and openly sharing his life and its challenges. Harnessing his creativity and passion for advocacy, Ulysse decided to put his life story on YouTube. Along with his spouse Shelly-Ann whom also has SCD and daughter Arianna they created the channel Our Sickle Life. They hope to raise awareness and educate the public by showing the challenges they face as a couple who are both sick. 


He is a patient advocate, a mentor for others living with SCD, and an advisor inall areas of Sickle Cell. Ulysse strives to ensure that the voice and scope of SickleCell always remains focused on the individuals with the disease and their families. His passion and dedication to the Sickle Cell community has always helped him to overcome the challenges of living with Sickle Cell. He works to inspire others to join the cause and the mission of addressing the many healthcare inequalities of those affected by SCD. His lifes mission is to make this invisible disease visible. The main driving force behind all his hard work is to leave the sickle cell community in a better state than it was when he came into the world. With him championing the cause, Sickle Cell has a bright future.

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