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Linda Thomas Wade

Marc Thomas Foundation
CEO and Co-Founder
Linda Thomas Wade is the President, CEO and Co-Founder of the Sickle Cell Association of
Texas Marc Thomas Foundation which started in 1997 by Marc Thomas, her late husband and
Linda. Linda is a former United States Health and Human Services (Patient Advocate) Advisor
on Blood Safety and Availability Committee in Washington, D.C. appointed under the Bush
Administration and served one term under President Obama’s Administration. Linda served
several years on the Genetics Regional Mountain States Collaborative. In 2009, Linda had an
exclusive White House Oval Office invitation where she met with former President Barack
Obama in his first 100 days in office to discuss the challenges of sickle cell disease. She met
with former Governor George W. Bush at the Governor’s Mansion to discuss the state challenges
of sickle cell disease. She was also invited to Imo State Nigeria, where she was hosted by the
Government to educate about sickle cell disease, dispelling myths and misconceptions. Linda has
served hundreds of clients by providing: certified hemoglobinopathy education to patients,
patient advocacy, health care professional education, medical home placement, notified hundreds
of parents that their newborn has sickle cell trait through the Texas Department of State Health
Services Newborn Screening Program, Linda was instrumental in getting legislation passed for
newborn sickle cell trait testing in the State of Texas. Linda has assisted and established
partnerships and relationships with the City of Austin, City of Houston, Sickle Cell Houston
Collaborative, Department of State Health Services, Austin Travis County Health and Human
Services Department, SCDAA and HRSA among others. Linda currently oversees three office
locations in Houston, San Antonio and Austin with 14 staff members and serves more than 750
sickle cell disease patients and their families through awareness, case management, education
and support.