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Heather Avant

Heather is a natural light photographer, painter, crafter, sickle cell warrior, sickle cell advocate, and all around do-it-yourselfer thriving in Dallas, Texas with her husband Jason and son Jett.  She was born and raised in Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, Michigan where she went on to pursue her B.F.A in Photography at Eastern Michigan University.

She was diagnosed with sickle cell SS while in utero after her brother, then age 1, was diagnosed during a newborn screening.  Heather has been advocating for sickle cell since the young age of 6, and has been an outspoken member of the sickle cell community ever since.  Her photography has been published in medical journals and placed in clinics and hospitals across the US.  

At a young age she unearthed a talent for storytelling and photography. With a bit of inspiration from her husband and a lot of nurturing from friends and family, Heatherdecided to leave corporate America and venture out on her own as a PhotographerArtist and Advocate. In 2016 Artfully Avant was born.

True to her calling as an artist, Heather is inspired daily by the world around her. From the subtle nuances of the evening sun dancing across the window curtains, to the dramatic and bold shadows greeting her on the floors in the waking light.  She tries her best to live in the moment and beauty of each day because it truly is a gift

She is currently working on a new project and getting back to her fine art roots; shooting a new series for exhibit and publication called The Unbreakable WARRIOR Project.  Her desire is to shoot the everyday sickle cell warrior and share their stories of triumph over tragedy.