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SFC, Retired, US Army, Executive Director and Content Producer:
Since the age of 5 I had pain in my left arm which doctors related it to growing pains. I found I had Sickle Cell Trait after 10 years in the Army in 1999. In 2006 after collapsing at the Master Sgt Academy completing the 2 Mille Run I experienced Rhabdomyolysis, renal failure and other joint damage. In 2009 I went into a depression dealing with physical pain and mental pain because I was found not fit for duty.  All during this time one of my three daughters also inherited the gene from me and me from my dad.
During my depression Internet radio became an outlet talking about sports highlights. Once I was made aware that people in the military and athletes have been collapsing and dying I realized that I had survived that episode and I could help make people aware through my radio program.
As a result, I was able to create a Non Profit called WHATZ DA COUNT on Sickle Cell Trait Prevention. WDCONSCT.org
Host and Produced WDC Radio Show with over 422K viewers. Creator/ Curriculum writer of Sickle Cell Traits Course being taught in San Bernardino Valley Community College started in February 2015 / April 2016. It's a 1 credit / 16hr Certificate Course. 13 Students Year 1 / 26 Students Year 2.
Also the creator and Host of Trench Talk. Trench Talk is platform for our Veteran Soldiers of all branches of services (men and women) to come and share their most memorable Military stories, experiences and history. Also be a location where Veteran’s services, programs and resources are shared and available for our Service Members from "Then and Now" TrenchTalk.us
The I AM WDC Achievement Award; recognition of youth and adults who overcome obstacles, adversities and challenges as a result of the sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease.
He is a collaborator on Public Service Announcements raising awareness with my own called Are you having Sickle Sex? Stop Sickle Sex!
His most memorable award of his career is the Military Outstanding Volunteerism Service Medal for his Sickle Cell Trait Advocacy work recognized by his peers and his Battalion Commander.