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Dr. Tomia Austin

As One Foundation

Tomia Austin, DrPH, a behavioral scientist, health educator and researcher is also the Executive Director of the As One Foundation that was established with a mission to help empower youth to unlock & unleash their full potential through athletics, education and spiritual enrichment. Since the foundation was also established to honor the memory of the founder’s late brother who died of dehydration complicated by sickle cell trait, Dr. Austin authored a program – Operation Hydration - to bring awareness to sickle cell trait and promote hydration as prevention of it’s adverse effects such as exertional sickling. Under Dr. Austin’s leadership the new mission of the foundation became to educate and increase awareness of sickle cell trait while encouraging youth to achieve their dreams in the face of life’s challenges.

Dr. Austin’s nearly 20 years of dedicated work in the not-for-profit sector fuels her pursuit of health literacy for disadvantaged populations – especially young athletes of color. Her work focus and research interest areas include genetics, sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait, dehydration, asthma, youth sports, high school, college and professional athletics, physical activity and obesity among populations of African, Caribbean, Asian, Indian, Latin, Irish, Italian, Greek, Turkish and Mediterranean descent. Dr. Austin has had experience in community settings on local, county, state, national and international levels, laying the foundation for globally impactful contributions to the research. As a telecommuter to Metro Houston, Texas in her executive role, she makes her home in Metro Atlanta with her husband, Douglas.